Martina Corbetta_Giussano (Monza Brianza), 1984
Art critic & Art historian

Master’s degree in History and art criticism by Università Statale di Milano.

Since 2012 I work as an art critic, curator, consultant and dealer. After several collaborations with galleries, magazines and artists – in the contemporary scene – I decided to work as freelancer and in 2015 I opened a space in which to be able to create projects, develop ideas with artists and compare my self with collectors. All this, following my passion for painting. I combine my art skills and brokerage with a very important aspect of my life: travel, which allows me to find and meet contemporary international talents with whom to build a bridge so dear to me, that of cultural exchange. The goal for me has always been to make a dialogue between the Italian art scene and foreign, and vice versa.

I curated a series of exhibitions and projects, a refresher: the first retrospective show in Milan by Laurina Paperina, Mixtape in collaboration with Rossella FarinottiHistory happens by Giacomo Morelli with texts by Gianluca Ranzi and Marco Meneguzzo; Mirabilia by Luca Moscariello; Wormhole by Laurina Paperina and Albert Pinya in collaboration with Rossella Farinotti and text by Tolo Cañellas; Concerto. Singing over the Bones the experimental solo show by Elisa Bertaglia in collaboration with Rossella Farinotti; Tell me the Story by Daniela Novello and Patrizia Novello with text by Cristina Muccioli. Head of Banca Sistema Arte project which currently shows the exhibition A riveder le Stelle by Luca Moscariello.

Thanks to my training as an art critic and historian, I coordinate site-specific projects, exhibitions and art events, with a keen eye on the contemporary market, providing a purchasing guide that helps to broaden the client’s vision of global art.

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