Martina Corbetta_Giussano (Monza Brianza), 1984

Art critic & Art historian

Master degree in History and Art Criticism by Università Statale di Milano.

Since 2012 I have been working as art critic, curator, consultant and dealer. After several collaborations with galleries, magazines and artists – in the contemporary scene – I decided to become a freelance so in 2015 I opened my own space to be able to create projects, develop ideas with artists and dialogue with collectors. All my choices and achievements followed my passion for painting. I combine my art skills and brokerage with a very important aspect of my life: travelling, which allows me to find and meet contemporary international talents with whom to build a bridge so dear to me, the cultural exchange bridge. The goal for me has always been to establish a dialogue between the Italian art scene and the foreign one, and vice versa.

I curated a series of exhibitions and projects, among which: the first retrospective show in Milan by Laurina PaperinaMixtape in collaboration with Rossella FarinottiHistory happens by Giacomo Morelli with texts by Gianluca Ranzi and Marco MeneguzzoMirabilia by Luca MoscarielloWormhole by Laurina Paperina and Albert Pinya in collaboration with Rossella Farinotti and text by Tolo CañellasConcerto. Singing over the Bones the experimental solo show by Elisa Bertaglia in collaboration with Rossella FarinottiTell me the Story by Daniela Novello and Patrizia Novello with text by Cristina Muccioli; The time is now! di Albert Pinya with text by Gianluca Ranzi. Since 2019 I’m the curator of Banca Sistema Arte project which I have cured the following exhibitions: A riveder le Stelle! by Luca Moscariello; Frammenti Paesaggio with Thomas Berra, Elisa Bertaglia, Linda Carrara, Alberto Gianfreda and Thomas Scalco; Esistenze Sincrone by Dario Maglionico. Since 2021 I have been collaborating with MAABG as curator and art consultant.

Thanks to my training as art critic and historian, I coordinate site-specific projects, exhibitions and art events, with a keen eye on the contemporary market, providing a purchasing guide that helps broadening the client’s vision on global art.

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