Alberonero_Norme di Paesaggio, 2014


Alberonero was born in Lodi. At the age of fifteen he began to experiment with graffiti developing a personal, brutal and childlike painting style. In 2013 he graduated in Interior Design at Politecnico in Milan. Since 2012 he has been studying the perception of colour with a special interest into the emotional possibilities given by tonal combinations. He is also developing a research on the synthesis of form: the idea is to minimize the visual language and to reduce the world to colours and sensations.

He creates public art, pictorial and installation works all around the world and intervenes in natural environments with different media. His works originates from an intimate dialogue with space and from a conception of art as a poetic and fundamental element of the landscape.

Alberonero has participated to many artistic events including: XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition, Farm Cultural Park, Altrove Festival, Art Basel Miami, Big City Life. He had solo and group exhibitions in Italy, France, Ukraine, Spain, Florida, Germany, Argentina and Indonesia and he also worked on joint art projects and colour workshops.

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