Beatrice Spadea_Sunrise Waterfall, 2022. Brass tube and coloured threads


Beatrice Spadea is an Italian based artist.

The main theme around her practice is to create spaces, or even objects that allow to reach other dimensions. She tries to create an atmosphere, strongly related to the world of imagination, poetry and dream with the aim of designing from scratch a new world, with an infinite of possibilities and tailored to our wishes. These places doesn’t exists in the world of reality. These are limbo spaces. Potential spaces. The spaces of the not yet happened, those spaces that open to the unexplored.

With her sensibility, the artist plays with the power of images to evoke surreal scenarios. Through the use of simple materials such as paper, aluminum and cotton threads, the artist borrows images from the natural world and reworks them according to her personal vision. Sometimes the paper is used as metaphor of a torn body, other times the aluminum acts as a mirror through which we see a sky in a room, joining the observer into a journey across fantastic worlds.

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