Beya Rebaï_Pink branches, 2023. Oil pastel on paper. 21×12,8 cm

BEYA REBAÏ_Paris, 1995

She studied illustration for three years in Brussels, Belgium, and graduated from the University of Paris. Fascinated by color and in particular by the use made of it by the exponents of the Nabis artistic movement, she creates her artworks with a very limited and accurate selection of colors. Her travels are always accompanied by a notebook and crayons, with which she draws everything she observes: a woman at the bar, a bouquet of flowers, the grace of the mountains, everything is a pretext for drawing. It shapes memories and imagination by creating illustrations that tell a story. Among the most important work assignments: Paris Aéroport, Les Echos, The New York Times, Libération, Nike, The New Yorker, Rimowa, The Guardian. She lives and works in Paris.

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