October 7th 2022/November 30th 2022
Opening: Friday October 7th 2022 @6.30PM

Nuria Mora – Madrid – 1974 – began her artistic career in the late 90s. Female pioneer of street art, and mural painting, she soon distinguished herself for her furtive interventions ranging between different media and multiple surfaces. Painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramic, installation, light and sound.

She studied Interior Architecture at the Madrid Polytechnic and Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University of Madrid. The pictorial signs in the numerous cities around the world are recognizable. Geometric abstraction takes shape in public spaces, galleries, private homes. Nuria Mora through her plastic language speaks of memory, builds and reassembles memories, draws personal maps of travels and experiences.

The Canang exhibition is a project that traces its roots back to 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. Nuria Mora, after being selected to participate in the Noa Noa Art Residency, realizes a land art intervention during the Indonesian adventure: she lays 150kg of flower petals along the walkway of a paddy field up to more than 1.5 km of length. Canang in Balinese is the daily offering made by Hindus to thank the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in praise and prayer. Canang, in the form of small baskets, is found in Balinese temples, small shrines, homes and on the streets. And it is precisely the repetition of this image that leads Nuria to elaborate her installation. Following an unfortunate motorbike accident during the first days on the island, the artist is called to thank for being alive by making her great offer: the extraordinary Canang. On display, through a video from above made in Bali with a drone and through photographic shots, it will be possible to see the entire performance. From this significant and exciting installation comes the desire to bring a wider project to Italy, to make Nuria Mora known, her sensitivity and her artistic work.

And is imagining to synthesize the artist that there are three key words: travel, nature and color. Each work of Nuria is born from an experience. From an emotion, from a look, from an impulse. If Canang is an opportunity to tell who Nuria Mora is, then the artworks in show will define her personality.

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