Daniela Novello_Somma dei piccoli spazi, 2019. Lead. 100×75 cm

Daniela Novello is a Milanese sculptor. In 2003 she graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

She inherited the art studio of her grandfather, and she shares it with her sister Patrizia, who is a minimal painter. Despite pictorial training, the artists’ love for sculpture was born in the corridors of the Brera Academy, where walking to go from one room to the other, she saw puddle stands on which marble blocks took shape.

The attraction was fierce and reciprocal: I chose the marble and the marble chose me. Sculpting marble is a slow process that requires great attention because every gesture, every single stroke can irreparably ruin the work and so it definitely helped me develop a great discipline and patience in work.

Her marble sculptures are the result of a reasoning that starts from afar, little space is given to improvisation and impulse, everything is planned and meditated.

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