Elisa Bertaglia_Singing over the Bones #22, 2019. Oil, charcoal and graphite on canvas. 129×104 cm

Elisa Bertaglia lives and works in Rovigo, Italy. She completed her studies at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts under Carlo Di Raco’s supervision and graduated in painting at first level in 2006, and with honours in second level painting in 2009. In April 2011 she was selected to exhibit Populus III, a series of drawings and paintings on paper, at the Academy Pavilion during the 54° Venice Biennial.

From 2009 onwards her art work has been selected and mentioned for various awards, and several articles have been written about her work. Bertaglia participates in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Since completing her studies at the Academy, nature is at the centre of Bertaglia’s work.

Through the study of classical texts and memories of Polesine, it offers a dreamlike and visionary approach. They are small and large compositions built from a personal repertoire consolidated over the time. Her work, in fact, is full of human figures, animals and fragments of landscape, and associated to a strong symbolic value. She depicts children with concealed faces as an allusion to universality. Wolves, herons and snakes as a metaphor for protection, instinct and compulsion. Rocks and leaves are the last footholds of a fluid universe in which there isn’t any above and below, in which everything can have its double. The loss of the horizon line often falls over.

If in the past the artist worked only on paper, focusing more on the mark rather than on the colour and creating works of small format included in parietal compositions, in the new artworks you can notice some interesting changes: on one hand she adopts the pictorial solution for water landscapes and stars in shades of blue and green, on the other hand she pays attention to the mise-en-scène, also in relation to the positioning of the figure on the sheet and technical innovations of the recent experiments on canvas. Proportions change as well as materials and colour balances, what remains is the same plot of rare poetry that has always distinguished Bertaglia’s work, echoes of a fantasy world, a magical-religious dimension intertwined with archetypes, myths and legends .

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