Gerold Miller_SET 601, 2021. Lacquered stainless steel.120x96x6 cm

Gerold Miller_Altshausen (Germany) 1961.

From 1984 to 1989 he studied at Stuttgart Fine Arts Academy Jürgen Brodwolf. From 1989 to 1992 he got a scholarship from Baden-Württemberg Lands. In 1991 he lived in Chicago and New York City. In 1994 he got a scholarship from Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. In 1998 he lives for a while in the artists’ residence Miedzynarodwe Sztuki in Poznań (Poland). In 1999 he was an artist in residence at Artspace Sidney. In 2001 he won International Costanza Lake prize for Culture. He lives and works in Berlin.
From the beginning in 1991 his aim was to create frame-works. In other words, Miller successfully transformed something obsolete and irrelevant in contemporary art – the frame – into the main subject of his works of art. His method is conceptual, analytic, rational.

His first works are metal-opened structures, quite similar to frames, with protruding pieces that give the work a sense of unfinished. Making his structures easier, he gives color more importance than shape.
His installations – called Anlagen – are made of aluminium and lacquer or industrial varnish. They don’t determine an image, but a boundary between sculpture and painting, internal and external space. All his works need design, painting, sculpture, and architecture.

In his works there is a fine line between sculpture, wall surfaces and painting: the wall enters in the works with full rights. The works fake a breach in space third-dimension through a two-dimensional painting. Miller’s play of color’s combination and form’s reduction creates strong-presence works.


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