Sala Bolognese, March 27th 2020

I live in Sala Bolognese. An anonymous place. In an old typical peasant house which, in not too distant years, housed farmers and agricultural vehicles. A place that has experienced the inclement, silent and methodical work that the earth requires. A box of labors untimed, far from the clamor. Walls that have guarded this prerogative, transporting that same dedication into what animates my work today.

Inspirations always come without announcing themselves. It would be easier to tell you how many things I distance myself from. I feed mainly on disparate readings and cinema, trying to influence a journey that, however far it may go, always originates in my thoughts. A job that today, citing Bergonzoni, seeks “the beyond”. Beyond reassurances, beyond sterile images that have weakened the curiosity of the eyes, beyond time emptied of time of our time. Beyond the answers. A question.

I believe that color is the most effective tool I have to keep death at a distance or, at least, outside the studio. I am terrified by the idea of ​​being able to deprive myself of it and, above all, therefore it is in the white that I identify the discomfort. On the other hand, I grew up in a kaleidoscopic territory, halfway between metaphysics and Lucio Dalla, Cuniberti and Antonioni, Savonarola and Pazienza. A territory pervaded by folkloristic rituals, festivals and alligalli. Irreparably overwhelmed by Fellini. I am the dress of Arlecchino.

There is no change there is a “beyond”, in fact. An “also”. It was a friction that generated the first spark and this is the only way I am interested in pursuing. Create an otherness, an ulteriority, remaining faithful to the “originality” as De Chirico said, the identification to a matrix and, ultimately, to oneself. There is no need or more ineffective to celebrate idols not to attempt the path of originality. Tarkovskji or Kubrick or Gerhard Richter have taught us that gender spacing is a problem for those seeking reassurance. You can swing between saturated environments and empty spaces to be filled, without having to justify yourself, as long as you remain faithful to an obsessive search, love, to return something that leads you to reflect, to investigate and, perhaps, to an emotion.

Luca Moscariello

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