Rovereto, April 16th 2020
Laurina Paperina

At the beginning I’ve heard people say “This period must be full of stimuli and inspiration for you, artists”. It wasn’t like that for me… at least for the first few weeks. For the first time I felt stuck, helpless. My daily life has changed: isolation from people, the impossibility of going to work in my studio, my exhibitions canceled or postponed to a date to be defined. Going out with the dog or digital drinks with friends have become the only exciting events of the day. Suddenly, however, a few days ago I got a spark, the desire to create returned, I felt like myself after a long time. So, taking advantage of the beautiful days, the balcony of my apartment became my office, I started listing mini-projects that could be carried out in just one square meter on a small Moleskine. I went back to one of my first loves, video animation, and I started drawing survival pills entitled Stay at home and…, to be published on my social networks.

The idea of ​​a virus has always been present in my research. One of the first works related to this theme dates back to the early 2000s for the Galleria Civica di Trento, it was a large installation made up of hundreds of small drawings with the title You Are Infected. A myriad of hypothetical viruses, real and not, inspired by the viral problem of those years, were represented on these drawings. At that time there were talks of Avian, Sars, Swine and electronic devices infected with virtual virus: the problem of infection was seen in an abstract way compared to what is happening now.

Art has no super powers to save us. Only people can save each other. Art is innovation, experimentation, stimulates the collective imagination, it is the source of new ideas and intuitions. Art is the mirror of our time and its role is fundamental because it allows people to understand our society and its cultural context.

In this period artists, gallery owners, museums and independent spaces try to fight this virus with alternative means, such as social networks and virtual realities: there is a great desire to see beyond, not to get bogged down in this bad dream. In my opinion, these are excellent foundations for directing art towards new horizons.

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