Luca Moscariello_Mirabilia, 2018. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 150×120 cm


Luca Moscariello after his high school degree with a specialization in Painting, graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Since then, he has been busy participating in personal and collective exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. He lives and works in Sala Bolognese (Bologna).

Like Perec, Moscariello wants to dwell on the dimension of time, intended as a fragment when you can catch the signs of a continuously changing reality. That is why he concentrates even on the most irrelevant details and constantly seeks scrupulousness, which emerges from his works. At the same time, there is no ambition to drift into the abyss of compositional mannerism. The combination of the objects (heterogeneous at first sight) on the surface of the painting is not inspired by the attention to detail, but by the awareness that visual strength can be found in surfacing, appearance, disappearance and evanescence.

That is why Moscariello does not separate his clearly figurative pieces – that have distinguished his work in the Italian artistic panorama so far – from the evidently non figurative ones. I do not deny that my statements may create a somewhat cognitive dissonance in the observers but if we make a little effort, we will easily be able to sense the artist’s necessity to remove those visibly explicit interpretative elements.

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