Artists First Edition 2017: Agostino Iacurci, Federico Tosi, Moneyless, Ricky Lee Gordon
Artists Second Edition 2018: Alberonero, Federica di Carlo, Nuria Mora, Paul Wackers

The name Noa Noa is the title of Paul Gauguin’s travelogueoriginally conceived as commentary on his paintings and to describe his experiences in Tahiti. He wrote “I have escaped everything that is artificial, conventional, customary. I am entering into the truth, into nature”. As a result, Noa Noa Art Residency evokes how the trip and the escape from the urban context had played an important role in the inspiration and development of Paul Gauguin’s artistic creativity.

We want to offer our Artists-in-residence the best conditions so they can develop their creativity in an environment surrounded by nature while discovering East Indonesian culture, in Bali. Noa Noa Art Residency’s identity originates from the necessity of guaranteeing an intimate, deep and free dialogue about art. Our Artists-in-residence will work in our facilities, as well as in close contact with Indonesian art and nature. We will enable them to get in touch with the fast growing art scene in Bali encouraging a long-lasting relationship between Bali and foreign cultures.

Noa Noa Art Residency, as an experimental art lab, provides the chance and space for our Artists-in-residence to carry out research and development. The Residency offers contacts with artists, promotion for local art environments and makes the interaction across different fields and geographical areas possible. Noa Noa Art Residency is particularly beneficial to artists who consider living in a peculiar natural setting restorative.

Alberonero_Installation view

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