Patrzia Novello_Will you be there , 2019. Oil and vinyl on canvas. 170×140 cm

Patrizia Novello graduated in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. The minimalistic view of the way she paints is here to describe a careful survey of the landscape, which, taking the initial starting point from the real observation of the place, is articulated in a process of reduction of its chromatic structure.

Inspiringly on the postcard format, Novello manipulates the natural vision by making it an archetypal graphic structure that portrays its landscape, its rarefactuality, its balance and proportions being studied and meditated: by reducing itself in artistic action, the proportions between the planes, the prevalence of certain chromaticities, the measurement of natural elements, the reading of architectural presences, driven to a simple and complex analytical image. If the silent thrust are always the great masters of the twentieth century, Novello knows how to prevail the coherent logic of her research that, evolving from the previous stages, now comes to new suggestive instances and intriguing assertions with which she enriches its color and visual syntax: powerful use of color, the use of the written word, the temporality of an effective and deeply meditated execution.

Her Geographies give the look a new map of the real, able, through the composition of her generation, to come to its deep soul, to its structural impacts that, far beyond the visible, root in the extreme limit of the invisible. Color, space, landscape elements correspond to each other and are reflected in their intrinsic accuracy by the artist who looks beyond the margin of the contingent. The rational overcoming of the visible logic in Novello becomes the opening of our eyes to the beauty of poetry, to the fascination of the mystery, to the test of the subjective sensitivity that passes, fleeing the shades of color, to every limit of the truth.

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