Selezione Naturale
Curated by Martina Corbetta

Date: June 22nd, 2019
Opening: Saturday, June 22nd, 2019 @6PM

Solomostry, a Milanese artist, began his career as a street graffiti artist. He started to produce his monsters, which can be described as shapes halfway between animal figures and dreamlike forms. To create these silhouettes Solomostry uses pure colors, without nuances and marked lines, which become the main feature of the work. These monstrous masks represents impressions, anxieties and excesses of his – and perhaps also our – everyday life.

Solomostry‘s artistic journey began with the monsters and they gave birth to his name. These monstrous images are entities that take possession of our inner selves and encourage us to do things that we are afraid of. They are powerful and unstoppable feelings, impacting, pure emotions that want to represent the soul of those who feel young and rebellious. Monsters are all different but they all tend towards a single purpose: they are all supposed to accompany and envelop the viewer, giving him an unknown strength to make him feel invincible and ready to face what awaits him on his way.

Growing up, time puts us in front of situations that lead us to dominate feelings, emotions, upsets, in an increasingly restrained and systematic way. We build armor to hide our true self to people every day.

Selezione Naturale is a personal reflection by Solomostry, an investigation into himself, into what he lives, what he carries on, day after day. Natural Selection is sensitivity and emotionality. Under this range of works there is a collection of memories enclosed in a single story. Selezione Naturale is a container in which the artist stores memories that are represented through impulsive gestures while seeking an arrangement. The artist seems – in fact – to be able to tame these unstoppable entities, demonstrating maturity and awareness of his personal growth.

In the realization, the continuous rotation of the painting represents the search for balance from every point of view. This process becomes a personal metaphor which aim is to show that all our past experiences create our present and personal body.

Selezione Naturale II, 2019
Mixed media on canvas
100×100 cm

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