Starting from the development of the creative idea, exhibitions and events are created that respond directly to the needs, and requests, of the client – company or private – developing in a personalized and innovative way, projects that aim to give the desired added value.

Creating an exhibition or event means:
• development of an idea
• planning project
• strategic plan
• finding artworks
• management of relationship with the artist or the artists
• drafting of the critical text
• drafting of the press release
• graphics for web or printed material
• creation of the catalog: concept, texts, layout and printing
• supply of transport and insurance services for the artworks
• setting up and dismantling
• photo/video
• organization of the opening
• guided tours


Site-specific design for interiors and exteriors of private individuals, companies, offices. Through the meticulous artistic direction, the good aesthetic taste and above all the enhancement of the budget, is offered to the customer the best solution by trying to correlate the surrounding design and the architectural context – naturalistic and urban – with the aim of obtaining the best harmony and beauty possible.

I propose: acquisitions or loans, ad hoc realizations, wall interventions, installations.

The customer is accompanied in all phases:
• confrontation with aesthetic and artistic taste
• budget analysis
• different proposals and renderings to speed up the visualization of the result
• control of the artistic production
• transport
• setting up
• insurance


Selected and personalized service for the management and valorization of modern and contemporary art collections respecting the customer’s needs, taste and budget.

Existing art collections:
• study of the artworks (origin and current estimate)
• artworks sheets
• condition report
• cataloging (web or print)
• innovative work plans: exhibitions and/or events prepared with private material

Collections under development:
• market research
• purchase with reserved quotation


Consulting to established collectors, and young collectors, for the sale and purchase of artworks and evaluation of the artistic heritage. Supply and demand have to find a meeting point to meet the collector’s need. The constantly evolving market underlines the importance of consultancy in terms of sale and/or purchase.

Desire to buy an artwork
With the constant study of the art market – in particular from the second postwar period to the present, with attention to artists under 40 – I propose myself as Art advisor making proposals after verifying authenticity, fairness of price, origin and state of conservation. To operate with investment objectives it is necessary to know the dynamics that regulate a very curious business context.

Willingness to sell a work of art
Support in picking the best market opportunities through the identification of optimal methods, places and times. Art is an alternative asset class and its market offers interesting opportunities to explore.

Evaluation of artworks
I guarantee seriousness and confidentiality in consulting for the evaluation of individual artworks and/or entire artistic heritages. Besides the aesthetic value, the pieces of art have a precise economic value which follows the principles of the market. For reliability on estimates and quotations, it is necessary to rely on the greatest expert of the period or of the individual artist, for this I collaborate with sector specialists.


A catalog is a tool. A nice catalog can make a difference. The meticulousness in taking care of a catalog becomes a keystone to achieve a goal. Functionality – simple to consult – and pleasant aesthetics – beautiful cover, clean layout – are the guidelines on which to base a good design.

Creating a catalog means:

Content development
• analysis of the topic and attention to the topic
• study of the style
• texts processing (support from critics, historians, professionals)
• drafting of the descriptions of the artworks
• correction of writing

Graphic setting
• collaboration with a professional graphic designer who follows the operational part of the layout
• artistic/creative development of the style that you want to give
• graphic elaboration of contents
• supervised and curated production of texts and images

Professional shooting
• shooting and editing service with photographer specialized in art
• photos of artworks
• photos of collections
• photo of exhibition and art projects

Attention to printing, details and processes
• print production management
• choice of media (paper) and type of printing
• blueprint approval (print draft) and color proofs
• printing starts
• bookbinding and product finishing phases
• delivery

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