Curated by Martina Corbetta

SetUp_Palazzo Pallavicini, Via San Felice, 24. Bologna
Date: February 1st, 2018/February 4th, 2018
Opening: Thursday,February 1st, 2018 @6PM

In the heart of ancient Bologna, from February 1st to February 4th, the 6th edition of SetUp Art Fair, the international art fair dedicated to the emerging international scene will take place. For the first time Palazzo Pallavicini, with its Renaissance elegance, will host the event opening its doors to artistic projects with a unique theme: Waiting.

In this atmosphere made up of strong contrasts, Martina Corbetta chooses to present a site specific room with the Milanese artist Solomostry.  Born and raised in Milan, Solomostry graduates in Graphic Design & Art Direction, but marks his career by approaching very early to graffiti. It is exactly in the hall of fame area between Lambrate and Via Padova, that the artist embarks upon the street culture confronting the most famous crews of this area.

We can say that Solomostry is a multifaceted artist who ranges from screen printing to muralism, from painting to installation, and it is due to his eclecticism and thanks to bumping into the techno/clubbing realities present in the Lombard capital that around 2007 he moves away from graffiti and shapes his new subjects: the Monsters. Solomostry’s research is characterised by a fragmented line which models geometric expressive figures, revealing aggressive emotions. These are monstrous masks performers of impressions, restlessness, excesses, present in everyday life. The marked outline builds and destroys at the same time. The  strong lines break the surfaces and mark the space in which  bright and flat colours play, now typical of Solomostry.

Countdown is the name given to the project presented by Martina Corbetta. If the countdown firstly represented the instant before crossing the yard, that moment before entering the train depot destined to be the origin place of the subversive artistic act, now Countdown becomes a room in which the spectator is the main lead. The pure adrenaline, the thin line that separated the day from the night, the revelation of unknown details of a parallel world in which one feels free, is now enclosed in a small room where the two minute installation is composed by an alternation of two lights, one white – the light of the everyday reality – and one magenta – the light of the artist’s own world-. So, the Countdown is an endless countdown, that accompanies us towards a new phase, a new environment.

Personal growth is not possibile without change. Improving and evolving means accepting the most difficult of challenges, that of the advancing of time in our lives. We always wait impatiently for a turning point, but when we reach it, we are catapulted back to the starting point, crushed into an endless vortex. So, once the Countdown is over, it will restart and you will have to be ready to accept the change.

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