SOLOMOSTRY_Milano, 1988

Solomostry_Wholecar, 2018. Mixed on canvas. 180×150 cm

Solomostry graduated in Graphic design in 2012. He lives and works in Milan.

We can say that Solomostry is a multifaceted artist who ranges from screen printing to muralism, from painting to installation, and it is due to his eclecticism and thanks to bumping into the techno clubbing realities present in the Lombard capital that around 2007 he moves away from graffiti and shapes his new subjects: the Monsters.

Solomostry’s research is characterised by a fragmented line which models geometric expressive figures, revealing aggressive emotions. These are monstrous masks performers of impressions, restlessness, excesses, present in everyday life. The marked outline builds and destroys at the same time. The  strong lines break the surfaces and mark the space in which  bright and flat colors play, now typical of Solomostry.

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