The portal of timeless

Provasi Luxury Furniture_Via Borgonuovo, 1. Milano
April 15th 2024/April 21st 2024
Opening: Thursday April 18th 2024 @6.30PM

In the wake of last year’s success, Provasi returns to the Milano Design Week 2024, in Milan’s Quadrilatero fashion district at Via Borgonuovo 1, with the project The Time, the second chapter of the trilogy that defines the cornerstones of the brand’s philosophy: a celebration of the value of time and of the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship – essential elements that give the company an outstanding character. A unique set-up highlights the elegant classical style of Provasi through inspiration from the past and suggestions of the present, a blending of ancient and modern styles in which evergreen and always topical creations become precious treasures for the future generations. The Time theme undoubtedly is an emblematic element that embodies the brand’s spirit: timeless and unique pieces that stem from the coming together of artisanal mastery and creative avant-garde, allowing for unlimited freedom of expression beyond the concepts of classical and modern and under the aegis of the characteristic mix and match embedded in the company’s DNA.

The portal of timeless dreams is the installation by Beatrice Spedea curated by Martina Corbetta and created specifically for the Provasi project. The work was born from a previous installation entitled Threshold of a dream designed for the exhibition Notes from another world inaugurated last April 2023 in Giussano (Monza Brianza) in which there were two doors made of leaves to pass through to access the exhibition, the dream. Threshold of a dream was the key step. Passing this forest of little leaves in satin fabric, meticulously cut and sewn by hand by the artist, we found ourselves in the dream theater of Beatrice Spadea. Thinning leaves are the protagonists and necessary. From this gate, everyone was abandoned to their own fantastic journey. Now, The portal of timeless dreams is a work that stands as a majestic door between the real world and the world of imagination. A solemn portal made up of eight thousand leaves of shiny and opaque golden paper – compostable and covered in pla – which invites the viewer to cross it to immerse themselves in a timeless journey. Like precious organza, the installation skims the entire surface of the building and sways in the air, boasting of a time between the present and the eternal. The portal of timeless dreams is a place where time dissolves, it has no power. It is a time in which past, present and future dance together. By crossing this door, you cross the threshold between reality and dream to end up in an experience that goes beyond the space/time boundary. In this golden imagery, memory merges with imagination, creating a universe in which vision becomes immortal reality.

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